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Ingrid J. Adams Descended

Ingrid J. Adams is the author of the descended four-book series, an epic love story steeped in fantasy set in the early 1990's on the beaches of Manly in Sydney, Australia. 

It took Ingrid a long time to realise her unattainably crazy dream of being a writer was in fact both attainable and sane; but between then and now, she's earnt degrees in business tourism, journalism, kinesiology and nutrition, studied psychotherapy, and worked in media, then as a therapist.

She also had a couple years off to lie in bed and stare at the ceiling after being diagnosed with an incurable disease she managed to cure herself of by going way outside the box, a disease she probably learnt more from than all her degrees put together.

Today she lives in chaos by the beach in Manly in Australia with her four beautiful boys (five if you count her husband), and her cuddle-hunting cavoodle pup. She's a massive fan of travel, yoga, meditation, farmer's markets, cooking (and eating), ocean-swimming, and escaping into fictional worlds of her own and others' creation.


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