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Learning Through Play

They say the best way for kids to learn is through play. When I was a child, that’s how I used to write – playfully, and purely for fun. There were no thoughts of being published, or of getting an agent, or of writing the best YA fantasy book, or the best romance book, or the best magical realism book. Back then, I just wrote. It’s amazing that as we get older, we become so much more goal-oriented, focusing on the outcome of a task, rather than basking in the joy of the task in itself. After I published DESCENDED, I have to admit, I did go through a phase of obsessing over sales figures and marketing and reviews and awards. In a way, I lost my way. Because that’s not why I got into this game. That’s not why I became an author. I became an author because words can change people, and people change the world. Words can make you think, and feel, they can transport you to another time, another place. Books provide escapism. They provide you with characters to swoon over, or relate to, or aspire to, or who simply feel like old friends. Books can make you laugh out loud, scream, gasp, and ugly-cry. And that is the joy of writing, the true reason I write. Not to become the best-selling author in Sydney, or Australia, or the world, but to connect to readers, to change their lives in some small way, even temporarily. I have always been a voracious reader, but few books continue to live rent-free in my head – A Little Life, The Bronze Horseman, Pillars of the Earth, A Fine Balance, Flowers in the Attic, Tully, and The Lovely Bones, are just a few of these for me. If my book can be this for just one person, then all my dreams have come true.

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