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What's Fan Art?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

As someone who’s never lived in the mystical world of comics, manga,

or anime, I had no idea about the existence of fan art.

It wasn’t until I joined Bookstagram last year, that I began noticing

people posting beautifully drawn images of characters from their

favourite books (more often than not mid-tryst!). Characters from

young adult love stories, fantasy, romantasy, and

supernatural/paranormal romances seem to be the most popular subjects

of fan art.

Some fan art is drawn by hand, others are AI generated, but all are

beautiful. So much love goes into the creation of fan art – it is

literally a labour of love, created by readers so moved by a book, so

touched by its characters, that they’re creating a love letter of

sorts to them.

After I released DESCENDED in April, I never dreampt Indigo and

Cordelia would be the recipients of this kind of love. But then the

fan art started to come in, and I was so incredibly touched that

readers had gone to all that effort to create something so beautiful.

I also found it interesting to see how they saw my characters in their

minds. Often it was completely incongruent with my images of them, but

there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

When I published my book, one of my main stipulations was that there

were to be no images of my characters on the front cover. I feel so

strongly that my readers should create their own pictures in their

heads of these characters as they read, I didn’t want to influence

them in any way.

I have so much gratitude to all the readers out there who’ve sent me

their interpretations of Cora and Indi – I’ve loved every single

image, and all I can say, is keep ‘em coming!

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