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1990s SYDNEY.




An imaginative tour-de-force debut about the big and small decisions we make every day and the ripple effect they have on the rest of time – even if they’re celestially pre-determined. For fans of Stephenie Meyer, Gabrielle Zevin, and Matt Haig, DESCENDED ponders whether love can endure, life after life.


Indigo Wolfe, the mysterious high school heart throb everyone wants to be or be with, is barely holding on by a thread. Because he isn't what he seems. He has secrets – secrets that consume him. Pain. Emptiness. The unending noise of all that he sees, and feels and hears that no one else can.

Why is he cursed by abilities others are not?

When he meets the ethereal Cordelia Carlisle, he's hit with a sense of recognition that traverses lifetimes. Only she can make his world silent. He’s welcomed into her family, and as they grow closer he lets her see the parts of him he keeps hidden.


The only thing he can't show her is that she's everything to him.

When they're torn apart, Indigo descends into darkness and is left standing on the precipice. He must search the depths of his soul – and his powers – and choose, whether to give up, or to fight: for himself, for answers, and for Cordelia, the one he seems destined to love and to lose over and over, life after life after life…

Fresh, masterfully written, and deeply moving, this award-nominated debut is the first in a gripping four-book series that melds paranormal romance with magical realism.


Content Warning: The following list includes spoilers for DESCENDED. Proceed at your own risk.


-          Mental illness

-          Depression

-          Suicide

-          Homophobia

-          Bullying

-          Drug use

-          Alcohol use

DESCENDED (Paperback)

  • DESCENDED Paperback Copy

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