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“Set between the beautiful coast of Australia and Arizona in the 1990s, I cannot contain how enraptured this book made me feel. I’m salivating for the next installment already. This was such a unique read, and I was instantly captivated to the point I read it within one day. The writing was phenomenal, as well as the characters and their development over time. Let’s just say I need more of Indigo Wolfe RIGHT NOW. New book boyfriend (flawed but so well written) alert for sure. The combination of genres pushed me out of my comfort level in the best possible way. The story itself was deep, thought provoking, and so profound.”

Tina @painefullyreading

“Descended is an incredible debut novel. It's beautiful and raw, with loving words, ugly feelings, realistic characters and humanity shown in all the shades... Descended is a truly special book where the words landed in my heart and I felt them for days afterwards. I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with grief, life, love and all the questions in between.”

Candice @booknookbanter

“Ingrid J. Adams….. Just wow….

This book was not only entertaining, and extremely well written, but it was also very impactful. After reading this,

I am looking forward to reading everything else Ingrid writes. This truly was a journey and I enjoyed every minute of it. I cried, I laughed, and I fell in love with these characters in every way. Indigo now takes up a special place in my heart.”

Haylie @haylies.literaryfairytale

“This was a wonderful read! A journey through love, loss and growth. Hitting rock bottom and picking yourself up again. I love the outlook about death and how everything happens for a reason based on our choices, while also incorporated with magical realism. This book piqued my interest from the very beginning until the "OMG no way!" at the end.”

JBelle @bell.of.thebooks

“Firstly I can not believe that this is a debut novel! It was sooooo good.
This book hooked me right from the first page. I thought that the character development in this book was amazing... The topics of past life and after life, soul mates, and higher beings and how they all connect was very thought provoking... This book made me feel so many emotions...”

Kristi @kristibookshelf

“I was expecting to dive into a fantasy novel, and ended up in the deep end of emotions, unfiltered perspectives regarding mental health & trauma, and a love story that will forever be in my mind. This has vehemently become my favorite book of the year. Please, please, please read this. You’re not alone. In the words of Noah Kahan: “don’t let this darkness fool you. all lights turned off can be turned on.”

Bai @bookwormbai

You know you've read an amazing book when you simply cannot stop thinking about the topic and the characters long after lights out.  I guarantee you this book will stay with you long after you've finished reading it.  I only hope Adams has more in the series. I absolutely have to share the continuing journey of Indigo and Cordelia.”

Gia Green, Reader

“The different locations took me visually to places I now want to visit, especially Sedona. I found I could really wonder into these places and really see the way they are.. I could visualise the whole story and my imagination went to these places. A book for imagination and a book to open up conversations of real things that happen in peoples lives. Very relatable.”

Marco Frank

“A battle between light and dark, that resonates with the depths of your Soul. decended ignites a chord of what is possible when Pure Light ascends from within. It reminds you that every situation can change in an instant and that some instances are simply meant to be. A journey that is familiar, and unknown and pulls you right in.”

Paul Mactier, Reader

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