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An epic love story steeped in fantasy set in the early 1990's on the beaches of Manly in Sydney, Australia. The debut novel of Australian author Ingrid J. Adams, the first in a four book series.


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Rave Reviews

You know you've read an amazing book when you simply cannot stop thinking about the topic and the characters long after lights out.  I guarantee you this book will stay with you long after you've finished reading it.  I only hope Adams has more in the series. 
I absolutely have to share the continuing journey of Indigo and Cordelia.

Gia Green, Reader

My Books
by Ingrid J. Adams
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A Premier Novel 

For fans of Stephenie Meyer, Gabrielle Zevin, and Matt Haig, DESCENDED ponders whether love can endure, life after life.

For some, the veil between realms is stretched thin...

An imaginative tour-de-force debut about the big and small decisions we make every day and the ripple effect they have on the rest of time – even if they were celestially pre-determined. Set in Australia in the early 90s, this enthralling tale follows Indigo Wolfe, the mysterious high school heartthrob that everybody wants to be or be with, as he descends to the depths of darkness.

Indigo is barely holding on by a thread. Because he isn't what he seems. He has secrets – secrets that consume him: pain, emptiness, a relentless din of voices shouting their sins at him, mocking his very existence.

Why is he cursed by abilities others are not?

When he meets the ethereal Cordelia Carlisle, he's hit with a sense of recognition that traverses lifetimes. As they grow closer he lets her see the parts of him he keeps hidden. The only thing he can't show her is that she's everything to him.

When they're torn apart, Indigo has to find it within the depths of his soul – and his powers – to choose whether to give up, or to fight: for himself, for answers, and for Cordelia, the girl he seems destined to love and to lose over and over, life after life... Unless this time, he can get it right.


"Ingrid J. Adams is a storytelling sorceress."


Meet Ingrid J. Adams

Ingrid J. Adams is the author of descended, an epic love story steeped in fantasy, the first in a four-book series for the upper YA market.


It took Ingrid a long time to realise her unattainably crazy dream of being a writer was in fact both attainable and sane; but between then and now, she's earnt degrees in business tourism, journalism, kinesiology and nutrition, studied psychotherapy, and worked in media, then as a therapist.


She also had a couple years off to lie in bed and stare at the ceiling after being diagnosed with an incurable disease she managed to cure herself of by going way outside the box, a disease she probably learnt more from than all her degrees put together. 


Today she lives in chaos by the beach in Manly in Australia with her four beautiful boys (five if you count her husband), and her cuddle-hunting cavoodle pup. She's a massive fan of travel, yoga, meditation, farmer's markets, cooking (and eating), ocean-swimming, and escaping into fictional worlds of her own and others' creation.


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Fan Art is a Thing

As someone who’s never lived in the mystical world of comics, manga,
or anime, I had no idea about the existence of fan art.

It wasn’t until I joined Bookstagram last year, that I began noticing
people posting beautifully drawn images of characters from their
favourite books (more often than not mid-tryst!). Characters from
young adult love stories, fantasy, romantasy, and supernatural / paranormal romances seem to be the most popular subjects
of fan art.

Some fan art is drawn by hand, others are AI generated, but all are
beautiful. So much love goes into the creation of fan art – it is
literally a labour of love, created by readers so moved by a book, so
touched by its characters, that they’re creating a love letter of
sorts to them.

After I released DESCENDED in April, I never dreamt Indigo and
Cordelia would be the recipients of this kind of love. But then the
fan art started to come in, and I was so incredibly touched that
readers had gone to all that effort to create something so beautiful.

I also found it interesting to see how they saw my characters in their
minds. Often it was completely incongruent with my images of them, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

When I published my book, one of my main stipulations was that there
were to be no images of my characters on the front cover. I feel so
strongly that my readers should create their own pictures in their
heads of these characters as they read, I didn’t want to influence
them in any way.

I have so much gratitude to all the readers out there who’ve sent me
their interpretations of Cora and Indi – I’ve loved every single
image, and all I can say, is keep ‘em coming!



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