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Immortal Love Story
Transcended Descended by Ingrid J. Adams

ingrid j. adams

Author of the smash-hit book series, 'descended'.

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Descended Series by Ingrid J. Adams
Ingrid J. Adams Descended


Descended  Supernatural Love Series Trending Book 2024
Love Never Dies Book
Twin Flame Book

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Soul Mates Romance Book
Descended Book by Ingrid J. Adams
Best Romance Book 2024
Soul Mates Book
Descended Books
 Transcended Book by Ingrid J. Adams

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"Wow! I can't say I've ever read anything like this before!! And I mean that in all the best ways. I loved this book!”

Marie @mim_reads

Never Ending Love Book Series


"It's almost impossible to express the feeling I had when I finished this book. I'm BLOWN away... I felt caught up in every word, I spent the whole night reading, the fantasy and romance were so well developed.”

Denise @foreign_Booksagram

“I was expecting to dive into a fantasy novel, and ended up in the deep end of emotions, unfiltered perspectives regarding mental health & trauma, and a love story that will forever be in my mind. This has vehemently become my favourite book of the year. Please, please, please read this.”

Bai @bookwormbaiMagazine

Descended Series Best Book of 2024
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Supernatural Love Series Descended
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Author Ingrid J. Adams
Descended by Ingrid J. Adams
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Love Never Dies Book Series
Descended, Transcended by Ingrid J. Adams
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Everlasting and Eternal Love
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