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Deeply moving, raw and thought-provoking, transcended, is the much-anticipated sequel to the award-nominated debut, descended. Welcome back to Sydney’s Northern beaches in the 1990s.

Indigo loves Cordelia.

But Cordelia loves Drew… Or does she?

Worst of all, Reinenoir loves Indigo. In fact, she loves him to death.

With Reinenoir’s true identity revealed, it’s become clear her obsession with Indigo is personal. She wants him; him and his power.

But all Indigo wants is Cordelia. She’s the love of his life but she’s just shattered his heart. In every fibre of his being he knows they’re meant to be, that they have been, time after time, life after life. Indigo is torn: should he fight for her, or wait for her to realise their souls are irrevocably tied only to one another’s?

When they’re hit with an unimaginable tragedy, Indigo is forced to question the power of predestination and the true meaning of life, love and death. Will it bring him and Cordelia together, or tear them further apart?

And all the while Reinenoir is out there. Watching. Flexing her growing power. Waiting to see if Indigo will switch sides and join her coven. She’s kept her end of the bargain after all, allowing him time to decide, but her threat was clear: if he denies her again, she’ll turn the full brunt of her powers against him.

And now, Indigo’s time is up… and Reinenoir knows exactly who to hurt to break him…


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